Imágenes de las diferentes páginas de la web de Sudtipos en mosaico Imagen de gráfica publicitaria sobre la tipografía French Bulldog donde aparece un fondo rojo con diferentes fotografías de perros de esta raza

Sudtipos Type Foundry


  • UX design
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  • Web development



A new web design for one of the most important type foundries in the world.

Sudtipos is one of the world’s leading type foundries. However, they have earned that reputation by selling their typefaces on retail and third-party websites. After more than a decade in business, foundry director Ale Paul decided it was time for a decisive change.

Imagen de un escritorio con las paredes llenas de decoración tipográfica y en el ordenador de mesa se puede ver el type tester de una de las tipografías de Sudtipos
varias imágenes del diseño de la home en móvil y el diseño completo de la home en la web de Sudtipos

When search makes the difference

Sudtipos asked us to create a powerful e-commerce store capable of handling more than 250 typeface families. When browsing a catalog as extensive and with a growth rate as significant as that of this type foundry, it is necessary to have adequate technical means. For this purpose, we developed a unique and intuitive search engine with options to anchor and hide typefaces.

On the Sudtipos website you can select a category, quickly visualize the appearance of the font with a light or dark background, pin it to save it as a favorite, or even delete it to keep a reduced number of candidates.

Imagen del catálogo tipográfico de la web de sudtipos
Imágenes de las diferentes páginas de la web de Sudtipos en mosaico
Imágenes de la página de noticias y página sobre nosotros de la web de Sudtipos

A more direct and effective relationship with the user

Choosing a typeface is not an easy job. That’s why we created a type tester that allows users to apply OpenType features on individual glyphs, as if they were using the typeface in a desktop application.

All of these features are integrated into a simple structure that utilizes Sudtipos’ powerful promotional images along with an approachable tone of voice to generate a more intimate relationship with the customer.

Imágenes de la página de tipografías en uso de Sudtipos en diferentes dispositivos
Imágenes de algunas tipografías y características de las mismas
Colores en la web de Sudtipos
Animación letra A como ejemplo animaciones en la web de Sudtipos
The Sudtipos website is designed to make browsing and testing typefaces from the foundry’s extensive catalog as enjoyable as possible.
Ejemplo de diferentes iconos que nos podemos encontrar en la web de Sudtipos
Ejemplo de iconos presentes en la web de Sudtipos

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