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We are Ashler

Ashler is a flexible, multidisciplinary design studio whose primary mission is to help our clients achieve success through design and strategy.

We are a graphic design and communication studio specialized in web design, UX, corporate identity and typography design. We believe in the value of design as a fundamental vehicle for the progress and development of companies and, therefore, as the backbone of society as a whole.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and help them achieve success. That is why we develop projects that not only look good, but are also functional, effective and generate measurable results.

Our values

We understand design as a catalyst for culture, both business and popular.

Our aim is to build brands and digital projects that are relevant, responsible and aware of their value, and that accompany people in their human and professional development. For us, design is not only an aesthetic experience, but a conceptual and cultural engine for the progress of society. We are excited to find the best way to bring our clients’ vision to life.


We are agents of change and evolution

What we do

(and what we don’t do)

At Ashler we do a wide range of web design and development work. But our goal, what we do best, is to help you with your business. We understand design as a tool to solve problems.

We integrate ourselves into companies, we analyse them and we propose the best solutions for each issue. We firmly believe that part of our responsibility is to challenge the client’s brief to improve it.

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Some of our services



Typography Design


Content Strategy


Corporate websites


Webapps design and development

Ashler Team Ashler Team

Ashler Team

The Ashler team is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, different experiences, diverse tastes and multiple talents.

Octavio Pardo Virto

Founder & Creative Director

Octavio Pardo is a graphic designer specialising in typography design. He believes in the power of ideas and is always looking for the precise concept that can work uniquely and exclusively for each project. In 2010 he graduated from the University of Reading’s master’s degree in typeface design. Since then he has collaborated with some of the world’s top typographers and designers, including Tobias Frere-Jones, Jean François Porchez, Type-Together, Leftloft and Sharp Type.

He has worked as a consultant for Google and is a visiting professor at the University of Gjøvik, Norway. He teaches design and typography courses and lectures all over the world, including Mexico, Singapore, Boston, Chicago, Toronto and Kiev. His work has been recognised by the Type Directors Club of New York, Communication Arts magazine and the ADG Laus Awards. In 2023, he received his PhD from the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation with a thesis on the possibilities of ultra-flexible variable fonts and artificial intelligence applied to legibility for the visually impaired.

Elena Ramírez Ramos

Founder & Digital Director

Elena Ramirez is an audiovisual communicator by training and a UX & UI and frontend designer by profession. She is co-founder of Ashler Design and in charge of bringing digital projects to life. Elena is an expert in HTML, CSS and javascript and specialises in typographic treatment on the web. She has worked hand in hand with independent digital foundries such as Sudtipos, Novatype, Typerepublic or Letterjuice, programming e-commerces recognised in the sector.

His interest in the application of online typography has led him to give talks on the subject at ATypI and Granshan and he teaches at Type G and in the Master’s Degree in Culture at the Carlos III University. At Ashler Design he works on projects ranging from the construction of identities to the design of mobile applications, including web platforms; he has also developed projects for large clients such as Google, Telefónica or Porcelanosa, and for smaller and very diverse companies such as architecture studios, fashion shops, or innovative technology companies.

Ana Moliz

Communication Director

Ana Moliz is a graphic designer, typographer, teacher and typographic communicator. She studied Graphic Design after studying History at the University of Granada. She later specialised in editorial design, digital publications and typography. Her dedication to design is divided between her work as head of communication at Ashler Design, teaching and divulgation.

He has been working on graphic design and typographic design projects for national and international clients for almost 20 years. He teaches Visual Design and Digital Typography at the La Gauss School of Design. For more than eight years she has been writing about typography in different media such as the magazine Gràffica or the blog specialising in editorial design and typography, Rayitas Azules, of which she is co-founder and from where she organises the typographic event Málaga Type.

Pablo Alonso Santos

Digital Designer

Pablo Alonso is a graphic designer specialized in user experience and digital design. He studied graphic design at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón in Zaragoza and later completed his training in Barcelona, where he did a master’s degree in UX/UI. He loves photography and enjoys learning everything about it. He is also interested in typography, editorial design and animation and is passionate about discovering how all these disciplines are related to each other and, above all, being aware that you never stop learning.

He admits to being fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence and is convinced that the future could be as exciting as we imagine it to be. For the past year, he has been working on creating unique visual experiences at Ashler Design.

Our clients

We are privileged to work with some of the leading companies in their sector. Our clients make us what we are.

Working with the best, whether they are large corporations or small local businesses, is a constant learning experience through a fruitful and continuous exchange of ideas. Many thanks to all of you.


It is always good to be recognized for the work done and we are very grateful for it. But what never changes is that we always give our best in each and every one of our projects.

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