Imagen de un detalle de la página de un libro antiguo con la tipografía Garamond original

EB Garamond


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Google Fonts

A modern web specimen for a classic typeface redesign

Google Fonts has quickly become one of the most popular font providers in the world. As part of their promotional strategy, they create minisites for some of their most popular typefaces to showcase their different features. Among these typefaces is EB Garamond, a modern revival of a historic classic.

Vista de la home completa del minisite diseñado para la tipografía Garamond de Google Fonts

A web design that mixes the classic and the modern

We were honoured to be approached by Google Fonts to design the single page that showcases the full potential of this typeface. We designed a website that blends classic and modern, including many subtle animations and details to ensure that the different styles shine in the best way. An elegant way to rediscover a classic.

This minisite is an elegant way to rediscover a classic.
Imágenes de las imágenes escaneadas de páginas de libros antiguos donde se utiliza la tipografía Garamond
Imagen sobre las características de OpenType de la tipografía Garamond
Imagen de una ilustración del propio Garamond
Imagen del minisite de Garamond en ordenador portátil Imagen del minisite de Garamond en móvil
Imagen del apartado del Autor del revival de Garamond de Google Fonts en el minisite

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