Finding a different voice for a different kind of woman

Eva Mulier

Art Direction, Branding, Web Design & Packaging

Eva Mulier

Eva Mulier are shoes made by women, for women. They are intended for mature women of a certain economic status. We developed the persona of Eva Mulier as a sophisticated middle-aged woman who is successful in business, interested in art, and an avid traveller.

The brand is feminine and sophisticated, and tries to move away from conventional online shopping. No plain backgrounds for models or products; instead, the art direction is rich in textures and patterns that echo the materials used in most of the collection. The packaging and business cards are elegant, thanks to the use of lined paper and silver stamping. The website features smooth animations and big product photographs on a blue navy background, creating an unmistakable brand personality.


Eva Mulier

Additional credits

Jesús Amarillo Fotografía