Imagen de un escritorio con ordenador de sobremesa y tablet. Ambas pantallas muestra misma página de inicio de la web de primarium



  • Art direction
  • UX design
  • UI Design
  • Web development



Adittional credits

A pioneering project in its field

Primarium is a deep practical research applied to typography design on how to teach reading and writing to primary school children around the world. This is what attracted us most to the TypeTogether project.

The large international team of collaborators involved during the process has led to the collection of a large amount of data, which has generated a wealth of information to document and analyze the current methods of teaching Latin alphabet handwriting in elementary school.

Systematizing all this information and giving it the appropriate form to make web browsing enjoyable and comfortable was one of the main challenges in the construction and design of the Primarium website.

background haciendo referencia a un cuaderno infantil
background haciendo referencia a un cuaderno infantil
The interface design, dressing the website appropriately so that it reflects the spirit of the project -children’s writing- and that it is functional for the target audience, together with the typographic treatment are essential aspects for us. At Ashler Design, typography is both the foundation and the icing on the cake.

Assembly chains?
No, thank you

At Ashler Design we believe that no two projects are the same and therefore no two websites should be the same.

In the case of Primarium, the profusion of research data had to be managed so that navigation was not overwhelmed by the information gathered during the research. For this reason, we have always strived to ensure that the user never loses the focus of his or her search thanks to an appropriate and logical interface design that puts the navigation and user experience always at the forefront.

diferentes pantallas mostrando el diseño de interfaz de las variadas secciones de la web de Primarium

Outward appearance matters a lot

We put the UX focus on the fluidity of navigation with the objective that the user would never lose the path of their navigation. In terms of UI, we worked to achieve a look and feel consistent with the nature of the project. Given that children’s writing is the subject of the research, it seemed appropriate that it should have a certain naïve aspect, but keeping in mind at all times the target audience of the website, consisting mainly of academics, teachers and typographic designers.

With the information accessible in a simple and intuitive way and an appropriate treatment of the UX/UI we have achieved a balanced, attractive and functional website.

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