Imagen de portátil sobre una mesa con imagen de inicio de web de Optimus Crane en pantalla

Optimus Crane


  • Brand identity
  • Typography
  • Art direction
  • UX design
  • UI Design
  • Web development


Optimus Crane

Industrial elegance

Optimus Crane, a Navarre-based company specializing in renewable project engineering, infrastructure planning and construction, and heavy crane operations, asked us to completely transform their brand. The rebranding project proposed by Ashler is based on five fundamental elements: brand, brand language, typography, communication and web design.

The brand’s visual identity conveys clarity and is complemented by a meticulously selected color palette that reinforces its highly technical character. The isotype, depicting a wolf, represents Optimus Crane’s crucial role in vigilantly overseeing the client’s protocols and subcontractors, ultimately being the protector of the client’s interests.

logotipo y símbolo de Optimus Crane en amarillo con fondo azul
detalle del logotipo de Optimus Crane en amarillo sobre fondo azul
Imagen mosaico de diferentes páginas mostrando el manual de identidad corporativa de Optimus Crane
detalle de los números diseñados a medidas dentro del set de caracteres de la tipografía para Optimus Crane

Retro-futuristic personality and mechanical precision

As in many of the projects we carry out in our studio, we have designed a custom corporate typeface for Optimus Crane. It is a typeface that combines retro-futuristic design elements with touches of mechanical aesthetics that gives Optimus Crane an unmistakable personality while conveying its industrial character.

The iconographic system is a crucial component of a brand’s identity. It is part of the foundation of branding along with the logo, typography, color and photography. For Optimus Crane we have designed a set of icons that perfectly complement the brand’s custom typography, forming a strong and highly recognizable visual system.

Palabras, números y alfabeto para mostrar el set de caracteres de la tipografía a medida de Optimus Crane
Set de iconos diseñados a medida para Optimus Crane
Optimus Crane’s website features a horizontal scroll in the desktop version that transforms into a sleek vertical layout on mobile, with agile and intuitive navigation and smooth, fast and precise transitions with JavaScript and GSAP.
Simbolo impreso en chalecos azules corporativos de Optimus Crane sobre fondo amarillo
Diseño de carpeta corporativa con símbolo de la marca impreso en amarillo sobre azul.

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